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The Human Engineering Debate Joke of the DayOverheard in the Engineering department here at Cal Poly:

Three engineering students were gathered together discussing the possible designers of the human body.

One said, “it was a mechanical engineer. Just look at all the joints.”

Another said, “no, it was an electrical engineer. The nervous system has many thousands of electrical connections.”

The last said, “actually it was a civil engineer. Who else would run a toxic waste pipeline through a recreational area?”

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The Successful Son at the Gay Bar

Joke of the DayFour lady friends meet up for a reunion.

One goes to take food while the other 3 start to talk about how successful their sons became.

No. 1 says her son studied economics, became a banker and is so rich, he gave his best friend a ferrari.

No. 2 said her son became a pilot, started his own airline became so rich, he gave his best friend a jet.

No. 3 said her son became an engineer, started his own development company became so rich, he build his best friend a castle.

No 4. came back with a plate full of food and asked what the buzz is about.

They told her they were talking about how successful their sons became and asked her about her son.

She said her son is gay and he works in a Gay Bar.

The other 3 said she must be very disappointed with her son for not becoming successful.

” Oh no !! ” said the Lady, he is doing good. ”

Last week on his birthday he got a ferrari, a jet and a castle from 3 of his boyfriends…” .

All the 3 Ladies fainted ….

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100 Feet of Fence

An Engineer, Physicist, and Mathematician are each given 100 feet of fence and asked to enclose the largest area possible with it.

The engineer quickly says, “I’ve got it!” and builds a 25 by 25 foot square.

The physicist looks it over, then says, “that’s pretty good, but I think I can do a little better.”  He then arranges the fence in a circle with a circumference of 100 feet.

The mathematician then looks at the square, looks at the circle, and after a moment of thought takes a small section of fence, wraps it around himself, and declares, “I define myself to be the outside!”

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