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Top 10 4th of July One Liner Jokes Joke of the DayWhich colonists told the most jokes?


What was General Washington’s favourite tree?

The infantry

Where did George Washington buy his hatchet?

At the chopping mall!

Why did the British cross the Atlantic?

To get to the other tide!

What did Paul Revere say at the end of his ride?

I gotta get a softer saddle!

What happened as a result of the Stamp Act?

The Americans licked the British!

Why did Paul Revere ride his horse from Boston to Lexington?

Because the horse was too heavy to carry!

Did you hear the one about the Liberty Bell?

Yeah, it cracked me up!

What would you get if you crossed George Washington with cattle feed?

The Fodder of Our Country!

What’s red, white, blue, and almost as ugly as a dog?
A revolutionary warthog!

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