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Alabama Football Joke of the DayBubba went to Alabama on a football scholarship. He was a good running back, but a poor student.

At graduation day, Bubba didn’t have enough credits. But he was a  great football star and the students held a rally and demanded the dean give him a diploma anyway. They were so insistent that the dean agreed if Bubba could answer one question correctly he would give him a diploma.

The one question test was held in the auditorium and the students packed the place. It was standing room only.

The dean was on the stage and told Bubba to come up. The dean had the diploma in his hand and said, “Bubba, if you can answer this question correctly I’ll give you your diploma.” Bubba said he was ready and the dean asked him the question. “Bubba,” he said, “How much is three times seven?”

Bubba looked up at the ceiling and then down at his shoes, just pondering the question. The  students began chanting, “Graduate him anyway! Graduate him anyway!”

Then Bubba held up his hand and the auditorium became silent. Bubba said, “I think I know the answer. Three times seven is twenty-one.”

A hush fell over the auditorium and the Alabama students began another chant. “Give him another chance! Give him another chance!”

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100 Feet of Fence

An Engineer, Physicist, and Mathematician are each given 100 feet of fence and asked to enclose the largest area possible with it.

The engineer quickly says, “I’ve got it!” and builds a 25 by 25 foot square.

The physicist looks it over, then says, “that’s pretty good, but I think I can do a little better.”  He then arranges the fence in a circle with a circumference of 100 feet.

The mathematician then looks at the square, looks at the circle, and after a moment of thought takes a small section of fence, wraps it around himself, and declares, “I define myself to be the outside!”

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Miss USA Pagent Question: Should Math be Taught in Schools?

This one is too good not to share!