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Here are the texting codes for the older generation:

ATD – at the doctor.
BFF – best friend fell.
BTW -bring the wheelchair .
BYOT – bring your own teeth.
FWIW – forgot where I was.
GGPBL – gotta go, pacemaker battery low.
GHA – got heartburn again.
IMHO – is my hearing aid on?
LMDO -laughing my dentures out.
OMMR – on my massage recliner.
WIWYA – when I was your age.
ROFLACGU – rolling on floor laughing and can’t get up.

Jan Joke of the DayThey used to say that the day that America elects a black president will be the day that pigs fly …. a few months into Obama’s term of office … swine flu!

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Man walks into a bar – ouch!

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