First, we would like to say that 9/11 was a horrible event and really isn’t a joking matter. That being said, there are a few jokes out there on the Internet that are not totally in bad taste, what do you think? Is it too soon to laugh?

Remember 9-11

“It’s a bird!”
“It’s a plane!”
“It’s…. Oh shit, it IS a plane!”

Q: What’s Al Qaida’s favorite football team?
A: The New York Jets

Q: What was the last thing going through Mr. Jones’ head when he was working on the World Trade Center’s 90th floor?
A: The 91st floor.

Q: What’s the last thing that went through the minds of the 9/11 jumpers?
A: Their ankles.

Q: What color were Mohammed Atta’s eyes?
A: Blue. One blue this way, the other blue that way!

Q: What’s the biggest difference between 9/11 and the Oklahoma City Bombing?
A: Foreigners once again prove they can do it better and more efficiently.

Have you heard about the decision about the memorial at the WTC site?
The city decided to go with an open park and the worlds largest franchise of the “International House of Pancakes!”

Q: What kind of pizzas did they last order at the World Trade Center?
A: Two large planes!

A man goes to the doctor and the doctor says, “You are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from being in the Pentagon when it was struck by a plane.”
The man says, “Doc, I think I wanna second opinion!”
The doctor says, “OK- your breath stinks!”

What does WTC stand for? – “What Trade Center?”

Q: Who are the fastest readers in the world?
A: New Yorkers. Some of them go through 110 stories in 5 seconds

Q: Why do tourists flock to New York?
A: It’s a blast

The FBI has just identified the man who trained the hijackers: Dale Earnhardt.

The New Name for New York City: “Manflatten”

Today FBI concluded that New York had been hit by a U.F.M (unidentified flying muslim)

Q: What did one terrorist say to the other terrorist before boarding their respective airplanes?
A: I slam, you slam, we all slam for Islam!

NEWSFLASH…. The WTC has been destroyed…. thousands of New York executives feared dead…. Hookers all across the city are in mourning…..

Q: Why didn’t Superman stop the planes from hitting the Trade Towers?
A: Because he’s a quadriplegic!

Q: What should have tipped off the ticket sellers?
A: When the terrorists asked if there was anything cheaper than one-way.

Q: What was the quickest escape time from the World Trade Center?
A: Ten seconds flat.

What’s the difference between Wembley and New York?
Wembley’s still got their twin towers.

Then there’s the retarded terrorist who tried to crash the A-Train into the World Trade Center……….

Top 10 Good Things About The WTC Attack

10. There are now 18 fewer Arab taxi drivers terrorizing the streets.
9. Flight training schools proved that they are expensive but worth it.
8. People are learning how to spell “Afghanistan” correctly.
7. Plenty of parking available at airports now.
6. Jerry Springer Show was off the air for a whole week.
5. Sales for U.S. flags are way up.
4. Several new job openings now at NYPD and NYFD.
3. Much lower electric bills for Manhattan.
2. Home videos of the WTC attack more spectacular than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s last
5 movies.
And the number one …
1. Some great new unobstructed views of Manhattan now.

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32 Responses to “Funny 9/11 Jokes”

  • Gemma

    none of this is even funny. why make jokes like this. hundreds of people died in the WTC. i know you say it’s dreadful but why do this. and no we shall never laugh about hundreds of peoples deaths. i know i might sound abit up tight about this but it’s just not funny. thats my opionon.

    • D

      This list was absolutely hilarious. Its been 10 years. Black jokes are STILL funny, Jewish jokes are STILL funny, And holocaust jokes are STILL funny. Why would you look at this if you were not remotely interested in laughing?

    • MStan

      Me and a bunch of friends had ammo point guard duty, when all that with Haiti went down last year. We were bored as hell, and we looked a bunch of 9/11 jokes up on someone’s cell. The one I liked the most was “*Airline’s* new slogan: We’ll fly you straight to work.” (I forgot the name of the actual airline.)

    • Jamala

      I laughed like hell.

    • Me

      you must be a blast at parties

    • Abdul Yousef

      I know right. These jokes are just Plane… wrong.

  • jon

    wat the fuck is wrong with you. How is this funny you assholes.

  • Laughter helps the healing process.

  • Jackie

    Epic jokes. Keep on lollin’.

  • Jack

    Hahaha double points for the christopher reeves crack

  • Tristan

    Haha, that’s actually funny.
    People need to stop moaning over 9/11. It’s been 10 Years!

    • Dalla

      yeah ten years of missing your best friends that you knew scince kindergarten you idiot

    • Alice

      It may have been 10 years, but people died on the 9/11. People lost family members; they can’t just forget about them just because it’s been 10 years. And, to be honest, if someone close to me had been a victim of this tragic event, I would find these jokes even sicker than i already do. Yes, laughter helps the healing process but, so does happiness and smiles i suppose and there’s other ways to smile, laugh, and be happy. I doubt these jokes would make a victims relative or friend happy and laugh, I think it would make them sad and remember all over again, and they might of healed slightly after 10 years and this’d just set it off again.. Just my opinion.

  • Arron

    I slam, you slam, we all slam for Islam… BAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Oliver Norgrove

    This is funny lol! Top marks to whoever posted these. :)

  • Dalla

    How dare people make jokes about this. i lost my 7 best friends that day. we were supposed to go somewere and i couldnt go at the last minuet and they were on the plane that hit the south tower. you people are messed up.

  • Rui

    1 whats bin ladens best job?
    Being a bin lorry driver (bin laden- bin lorry driver
    2 whats afanganastans best runner?
    the qu’ran (q’*ran*)
    3 whats afganastans most good name?
    Stan (afgana ‘stan’
    4 whats bin ladens favroute movie?
    a laden (alleden)
    5 Thats joke about Terroists. hope they dont bomb me

  • paddy

    how many of the people complaining about these jokes have made similar jokes about tsunamis and disasters around the world? once its your own people, you all suddenly grow a conciense…smh at all of you

  • boomgoesthedynamite

    Blame the blacks for cotton pickin. Blame the Jews for the Holocaust. Blame Bush and all other retards for 9/11. Enough said!

  • mikey

    10 yes or not this is not funny! tristan your probly 12 years old. FUCK YOU!!! ALL!!

  • Whattradecenter

    I wonder all the people moaning about these jokes that laughed at jokes about Hiroshima or the earthquake in Mexico and other international tragedies. yeah, I thought so.

  • MO Atta

    These jokes are just plane wrong

  • yomoma

    the funniest off all is the superman one because it’s true

  • Dick Tracie

    Hahaha. Couldn’t stop laughing.

    Love the one about the executives. So true hey. HahahahahahHaha!

  • cars racing

    Old soldiers never die, they just fade away

  • rockland orthopedics

    These may be some of the funniest comments I have read in a while!

  • MStan

    Heh heh. MO Atta said “plane wrong.” X3

  • ......

    That’s fucked up!