Slay.me Joke of the DayIt is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year. An angel peers off a cloud, looking far down below onto a golf course, and what does he see? Why, it’s a rabbi. And he’s playing golf on Yom Kippur.

“Lordy, lordy, there’s a rabbi down there playing golf on the holiest day of the year…” the angel cries, as he jabs big G in the ribs.

“…Whatcha gonna do ?”

“Oh, I’ll fix him, watch this!” cackles the Lord.

So the angel watches the rabbi as he lifts his golf club high over his shoulder, preparing to tee off. WHACK! goes his ball, high into the air, higher, higher, higher, and then it seems to stop in mid air, and then slowly accelerate back down towards… towards… towards…? Towards the hole, and PLUNK, a hole in one.

“Hey, I thought you were going to punish him. He just got a hole in one!” complains the angel.

“You don’t understand…” replies God, “…who can he tell??”

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