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Feb Joke of the DayA teacher was reading the story of the Three Little Pigs to her class.

She came to the part of the story where first pig was trying to gather the building materials for his home.

She read. ‘And so the pig went up to the man with the wheelbarrow full of straw and said: ‘Pardon me sir, but may I have some of that straw to build my house?’

The teacher paused then asked the class: ‘And what do you think the man said?’

One little boy raised his hand and said very matter-of-factly…

‘I think the man would have said – ‘I’ll be a son of a bitch!! A talking pig!’

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Apr Joke of the DayAn old man was sitting at a bar on a nice beautiful day looking kinda upset when two younger people noticed him there and went over to him

“Whats wrong“ one of the young guys asked

the old man simply replied “Some things you cant explain“ and continued drinking

the 2nd young guy asks “well why are sitting in here instead of enjoying this beautiful day“

the old man says “well i was out milking my cow today and just when i got the bucket full she takes her back left leg and knocks it over, so i tie her leg to a post and tried again“

the young guys then say “well that doesnt sound to bad, you should go enjoy the rest of today“

the old man continues “well i got the bucket full again and i’ll be darned she knocks it over with her back right leg, so i tie that one to a post and try again“

the two young guys tell the old man “well that must suck“

“let me finish“ the old man says “so i get the bucket full again and the stupid cow knocks it over with her tail, i couldnt find anything to tie down her tail so i took my belt off and lifted her tail to tie it, then my pants fell down as soon as my wife walked outside and well some things you just ca’nt explain.

Submitted by Matt – Thanks Matt!

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Mar Joke of the DayOnce there was a little boy who lived in the country.

The boy and his family had to use an outhouse, and the little boy hated it because it was so hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter and stank all the time. The outhouse was sitting on the bank of a creek
and the boy was determined that one day he would push that old Outhouse straight into the creek.

One day after a spring rain, the creek was swollen so the little boy decided today was the day to push the outhouse into the creek. He found a large stick and started pushing. Finally, the outhouse toppled into the creek and floated away.

That night his dad told him they were going to the woodshed after Supper.

Knowing that meant a spanking, the little boy asked why.

The dad replied, “Someone pushed the outhouse into the creek today. It was you, wasn’t it son?”

The boy answered yes. Then he thought a moment and said, “Dad, I read in school today that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree and didn’t
get into trouble because he told the truth.”

The dad replied, “Well, son, George Washington’s father wasn’t in the cherry tree…”

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