Slay.me Joke of the DayA wealthy young man’s parents told him he must be married by his 25th birthday, in order to fulfill the terms of their joint will and get the money. This was a bit of a dilemma to him because he was dating three lovely young ladies and couldn’t decide.


As he had only one month, he came up with a plan. He gave each woman $5,000 and told her she had a month to spend it. And, she could spend it any way she wanted.


After the month he met with each.


The first one said, “Well you know I love to shop, so I spent all of it on clothes!” “Fair enough,” he replied, and took note of her decision.


The second young woman said, “I think it’s better to give than receive, so I gave all of my money to the United Way!” “Okay,” said the young squire (noting to himself that she must work for Digital).


Number three said, “You know I have a mind for saving, so I invested it in 9 3/4% zero coupon treasury bonds!” “Interesting,” replied the gentleman, taking note of her keen financial acumen.


So, which one did he choose?


The one with big tits, of course!


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