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10 Fruit to Live Joke of the DayOk there was 3 guys that were explorers Zakk, Dustin, And Brenden went to the amazon and met a tribe the leader said “i will let you live if you go out and get me 10 of the same fruit.”

So Brenden went first and came back with 10 banannas, the leader said “ok now i shove them up your ass and if you make one sound i will kill you.”

He got to the 3rd bannana and brenden started screaming so the leader killed him.

Then Zakk said i’ll go and he left and came back with 10 berries and the leader shoved them up his ass they got to the 9th berrie and Zakk started laughing so the leader killed him.

Then Brenden’s and Zakk’s souls rise out of there body toward heaven and Breden asked zakk “why did you laugh you could’ve lived?” and Zakk replied with a big smile on his face “man i couldn’t help it when i saw Dustin running over the hill with 10 pineapples.”
Submitted by Kristen

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