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The Science Professor and the Cigarettes

True Story Submitted by Ellae E.  – Thanks for the submission!

A science professor from UCSD went to deliver a paper in NY when the city was very dangerous.

He has been warned by others not to leave his room after dark……………. not for any  reason!

Everything went well until the very last night.  He realized at about 10 pm that he was out of cigarettes.  Any smoker who realizes that cigs are not available will crave them even more.  He paced the room until he could stand it no longer.  He dashed into the night and racing towards the corner smoke shop.  A stranger suddenly came upon him, bumped right into him, roughed him up and hurried on down the street.  The professor righted himself and patted his back pocket. His wallet was gone.    Spinning around, furious at having his wallet stolen, he ran down the stranger.

“LET ME HAVE THAT WALLET, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!”  He screamed as he grabbed him by the collar, spinning him around “GIVE IT TO ME!”

The man relented “Alright, Alright, Alright, here!”

The professor grabbed the wallet, thrust it into his back pocket and raced back to his room, heart pounding.

Throwing himself on the bed he glanced around the room. There was his wallet on the bed stand.

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