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A Redneck Love Poem Joke of the DaySusie Lee done fell in love;

She planned to marry Joe.

She was so happy ’bout it all

She told her Pappy so.

Pappy told her, “Susie gal,

You’ll have to find another.

I’d just as soon yo’ Ma don’t know,

But Joe is yo’ half brother”

So Susie put aside her Joe

And planned to marry Will.

But after telling Pappy this,

He said, “There’s trouble still…

You can’t marry Will, my gal,

And please don’t tell your Mother,

But Will and Joe and several mo’

I know is yo’ half brother”

But Mama knew and said, “My child,

Just do what makes you happy.

Marry Will or marry Joe

You ain’t no kin to Pappy.

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The Redneck Vasectomy Joke Joke of the DayAfter their 11th child, a redneck couple decided that was enough, as they could not afford a larger bed.

So the husband went to his veterinarian and told him that he and his cousin didn’t want to have any more children..

The doctor told him that there was a procedure called a vasectomy that could fix the problem but that it was expensive.

‘A less costly alternative, ‘ said the doctor, ‘is to go home, get a cherry bomb, (fireworks are legal in redneck country) light it, put it in a beer can, then hold the can up to your ear and count to 10.’

The redneck said to the doctor, ‘I may not be the smartest tool in the shed, but I don’t see how putting a cherry bomb in a beer can next to my ear is going to help me..’

‘Trust me,’ said the doctor.

So the man went home, lit a cherry bomb and put it in a beer can. He held the can up to his ear and began to count!






At which point, he paused, placed the beer can between his legs and continued counting on his other hand..

This procedure works inĀ  Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and West Virginia .

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Redneck Lottery Winner Joke of the DayA Redneck buys a ticketĀ  and wins the lottery. He goes to Austin to claim it where the man verifies his ticket number.

The Redneck says, “I want my $20 million.”

To which the man replied, “No sir. It doesn’t work that way. We give you a million today, and then you’ll get the rest spread out for the next 19 years.

The Redneck said, “I want all my money RIGHT now! I won it, and I want it.”

Again the man patiently explains that he would only get a million that day and the rest during the next 19 years.

The Redneck, furious with the man, screams out, “Look, I WANT MY MONEY!! If you’re not going to give me my $20 million right now, THEN I WANT MY DOLLAR BACK!”

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